A river urging onward to the shore

The banks a prison stop it flowing free

The force so natural surging in my vein

Restrained I could not choose what I would be

My course was dammed you would not brook my dream

But I will flood convention and destroy

My rocky bed was not what you desire

And you no longer thirst that I enjoy

I am the sea my heart now saline washed

My ocean just a drop in your disdain

My flow won’t ebb so dry the pointless stream

My passing will allow you to remain

And if you ever think upon that spring

Just know I don’t regret the falling in


War of Independence

Without you here I’ve finally become

The man who walks away not looking back

The two divide and I’m remainder one

The future parts repressive clouds of black

I ran until my very breath expired

Then took the time to find the man I am

For life had left me bruised and broken, tired

Reality was nothing but a sham

The war of independence over now

Republic not subjected to a king

Consider this my last and final bow

For you to me no longer mean a thing

I’m not confined I live without a plan

Except to be a free and happy man

Jasmine Tea

Take a glass of jasmine tea and sit with me a while

See the frown that’s on your face transform into a smile

Life can take us places that we never dreamed were true

When you need to feel at home I’ve time to share with you

Life is an adventure but when things are getting rough

Just remember gentle can be just strong as tough

Use your heart, engage your mind before you choose to fight

Just because someone is wrong does not give you the right

Child you are so lucky having everything you need

Choose the path of kindness and I know you will succeed

You will leave your teacher soon beneath the shady tree

But tell me of your hope and fears and drink some jasmine tea.


In being touched was left a mark unseen

And from the living world to be removed

The turmoil deep the surface so serene

And left to only wonder what was proved

In isolation ward off each advance

A wall against the world it shall be built

No touch or feel and preferably no glance

In purdah with another’s shameful guilt

Some people bruise or break their skin and bone

But pain can manifest in darker form

Ever more to feel complete alone

A witness to the darkness of the storm

A stone is found where once there was a life

Survival twists until it blunts the knife


I think I’m lost

How can this be living when somewhere I just stopped giving

Just keep breathing.

But nothing I can offer and no pain I am relieving.

I am grieving.

All my happiness is up and leaving.

So here I

I’m left believing.

This is it.

Life is just a piece of… grit.

And everyday is one day more.

I’ll do my ten and then three score but I am lying on the floor.

And yet what light through yonder window shows.

Still have a heart like Romeo’s

I need a break

For goodness sake

I’ll give my dog eared life a shake

Shake it till my knees are knocking

Time is passing tick is tocking

Time to start and so I’ll clock in

Don’t give in

Just give out love and let’s begin

And if you fail give once again

Cos brother you aren’t lost until you think you can’t…win.


My world it turned to fog

I didn’t want the detail crowding in

And so I blanked it out

Specifics aren’t where I wish to begin

I’m crawling back to life

I cannot stay in limbo ever more

But not yet standing up

I wonder if I’ll ever leave the floor

And you who put me here

So proud of all that you have done for me

But I forgive you now

Your hatred cannot stop me if I’m free

You think that I am weak

Refuse to play your petty little game

But you can’t touch me now

For I am here and I have found my name

Two Hands

Every moment I would share

If you would let me in

Loving isn’t easy when

You feel the need to win

See a side you try to hide

I know you are afraid

Love is not a game of cards

But here my heart is laid

I don’t know the things you’ve seen

Or why you shy away

Know that if I earn your trust

You’ll pull me close one day

Lover be yourself and do

Not fear I am a friend

Hand in hand I’m here right now

And will be till the end