Was taken for a ride I knew I’d like it

Unspeakable the things that have been done

And if your mind was opened you could try it

I fear you’re not a liberated one

So highly strung I sense that you might snap it

Restrained and yet you’re not a bondage fan

I look into your eyes and I can see it

Depravity it permeates this man

Release yourself I don’t know why you fight it

The urge is just a part of who you are

Submit and you will be allowed to bite it

No taste that can’t be found in this bazaar

Desire and lust can be a heady mixture

You look like you can handle what’s to come

My gauntlet’s thrown and so we have a fixture

Your pistol’s cocked so I can draw my gun


Eden Park

You postulate that heaven is above
Believing in this whole creation lark
But if your god is really full of love
Why has he thrown us out of Eden Park
The tree of knowledge rollercoaster ride
You learn the truth and this is deemed a sin
Temptation casts out you and down you slide
To pointless guilt and endless suffering
If god exists he must be quite bizarre
To blame us for the faults of his design
And burn in hell is taking things too far
Especially if we’re damned for all of time
But I am the creator of my fate
Your god does not exist I’m apostate