Nursery Rhyming

My furiousity killed the cat

Who donned exquisitely such a hat

I wondered quizzically why was that

A cap so jauntily on him sat

I’m existentially asking why

The boy who’s greedily eating pie

Is wantonly thumbing a plum to sky

And merrily flings his food on high

And happily on a tuffet I see

A dauntingly pretty catastrophe

A spiderly plotting of tragedy

How frighteningly curds can be left by she

Profoundly I share another tale

This frankly for me is beyond the pale

How chillingly Jack dies within this tale

And fatally femme falls just like her male

And finally this little nursery rhyme

Adverbally staggers to its decline

Unlikely you’ll read it a second time

And thankfully here is the final line



The rain on corrugation

The heat within the damp

A night without sedation

The poet and his lamp

The dawn is soon arising

Another broken day

These words please try for sizing

And walk with me a way

My night is ever sleepless

The rain it never stops

I scratch all of my secrets

Until the pen is dropped

Unspoken Word

So here I am again, I always find the time to rhyme

Although I’m rather busy under pressure every day

I like to stop and think and find composure in my thought

For every now and then I’ve something meaningful to say

Today however, I am simply putting down a verse

The rhythm and a rhyming pattern take me from the day

A moment that is mine, a gift I’ve given to myself

But in the end I share my words to see what you might say

Sometimes I think I’m brave but often I am just a fool

Who thinks that fourteen syllables when placed upon a line

Are poetry, when really all they are are bites of sound

And if they are not spoken out my words dissolve in time

So reader read aloud and save these lines from fate obscure

For verses left unspoken will be thoughts and nothing more


If all the writing stopped
And all the reading ceased
My brain would end up popped
For words are my release

If I was still with you
I wouldn't be right here
But I have things to do
That you would not allow

And fame I do not need
My audience is one
I think that I succeed
If I have had some fun

And if my fame is found
Remember what you said
Why must you write things down
Just keep them in your head


Poetry is not my living
Poetry is more than fun
Poetry a way of giving
Word and thought to anyone

Poetry express desire
Poetry potential spark
Poetry can light a fire
Flame to burn away the dark

Poetry puts rhyme in reason
Poetry is discipline
Poetry is caging freedom
Thoughts I capture held within

The Guardian

If you can see the truth within the anger
If you can look at death and sense no fear
If you can see the dignity in labour
And know the reason each of us is here
If you can stop the pain and bring back laughter
If you can open hearts that long have shut
If you believe in happy ever after
And know the cards were never fairly cut
If you can bring some peace when hearts are racing
If you can whisper magic words in rhyme
Then you could the man the world is seeking
Who knows that love can stand the force of time
So take us from today into tomorrow
The guardian whose honour is a shield
Jerusalem rebuilt without the sorrow
Divided people come together healed

Norwegians would?

When all about are losing theirs
Mine isn't yours to take
The grace and favour of the heirs
Know all that is at stake
And you might be a man my son
If you can balance balls
For night is when the tigers come
The heart of darkness falls
Go flaccidly amidst the boys
But when you're burning bright
You can resurrect the joys
Of wood to warm the night